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In view of the broad range of the tubing market, on this page we have included basic information of interest for prospective buyers to help in judgement and selection.

Polyurethane: A versitile polymer for flexible and semi-rigid applications. It possesses excellent temperature, abrasion and tensile properties. Available in clear, natural or matched colors. Can also be formulated to include flame retardants, conductive properties or FDA-approved materials for the food and medical fields.

Polyethylene: Available in low and high density formulations. For use in industrial and non-toxic formulations. The material can be used for tubing and profiles.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC): A soft vinyl that is ideal for use in tubing. A non-toxic, FDA approved formulation can be used in laboratories, food processing, beverage and dairy applications. Also available is a general purpose formulation for industrial purposes. A rigid vinyl has good electrical and thermal insulation qualities. All formulations can be manufactured in tubing or profiles.

Polystyrene: A rigid thermoplastic well suited for many fields, especially the furniture industry. It has a good replacement for wood, as it will accept many paint finishes. Polystyrene parts can be assembled by bonding methods such as solvents, as well as by thermal and mechanical means.

Polycarbonate: The combination of transparency, high impact strength and heat resistance makes polycarbonate a good choice when rough duty is a consideration. It has good chemical resistance and can also be machined if desired. Available in colors or clear.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) (Santoprene Brand): Alternative to rubber parts. Available in general purpose, flame retardant and FDA grades. Excellent material for profiles and tubing. Available in black or colors.

Polypropylene: Durable plastic that possesses good mechanical properties up to 212°F, as well as outstanding chemical and environmental stress cracking resistance. Used in both tubing and profiles.

Acrylic: Noted for its crystal clarity, exceptional weatherability, stiffness, good chemical resistance and toughness. Available in clear and colors.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE): In tubing and profile designs, TPE has superior high and low temperature properties. Serves as a good replacement for neoprene, EDPM and natural rubber. Excellent for gaskets, weather seal and abrasion resistant protective bumper strips.

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Propionate
: A tough, stiff plastic with excellent clarity and color possibilities. Possesses good chemical and electrical properties.

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